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5,000 PLAYS

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  • Split Available
  • Up to 2 tracks

10,000 PLAYS

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20,000 PLAYS

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  • Up to 6 tracks

50,000 PLAYS

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100,000 PLAYS

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What SoundCloud services does Boost Socials offer?

  • SoundCloud Followers: We advise our clients to buy SoundCloud followers to gain more credibility, therefore, their tracks will get more engagements. Our professional team with several years of trial and error has come up with the most trusted and effective method to help increase the followers to your account.
  • SoundCloud Plays: Our plays service will boost your track’s play count to a guaranteed amount by promoting it to a general audience of listeners. Listeners will be appealed by the number of plays your tracks have. And the more your tracks are plays, the better it would be towards your popularity.
  • SoundCloud Likes/Reposts and Comments: The popularity that your tracks can achieve does not end up on having lots of plays, you need good quantity of likes, reposts as well as comments. Our unique method of providing likes/reposts/comments also help generating more plays and followers on your tracks.
  • SoundCloud Downloads: It can be considered as a helpful tool drive more traffic to your channel. The number of downloads on your track imply how many listeners that are truly interested in your music. The best way to acquire them is to buy them, definitely.

Are your SoundCloud services safe? Where the plays come from?

100% safe, definitely. After receiving your orders, we will get your tracks promoted and advertised in our large system of websites and social media to gain real and organic services. Your account will never be suspected and all you get is real traffic to your tracks.

Is it possible to split the plays to multiple tracks?

Absolutely Yes. You can add many tracks as you want provided that the minimum number of plays for 1 track is 1000 plays. You can insert more links in the box with the number of plays you want to receive.

Can the services deliver in my expected time?

Why not? We offer weekly spread plan if you don’t want the plays to come all at once but more naturally. Go check it out.

How can I pay for the services?

We only accept via Paypal. You can also use Credit Card, then choose Paypal as an option to make purchase.

Are your SoundCloud services from real people?

Yes. All SoundCloud plays are from real people. We utilize high-traffic websites to promote tracks and deliver real plays. Unfortunately, listeners are not well-targeted.

What is ‘’Buy 1 Get 1 Free’’ Promotion?

We are offering Buy 1 Get 1 for all plays package. For example, if you order 10k plays, you will receive 20k plays in total.

Is ‘’Buy 1 Get 1 Free’’ used for Likes, Reposts and Comments?

No, it is only applied for plays package.

What is ‘’Customizable Package’’?

If you want any packages that have not been included yet, feel free to contact us for more detail and good deal.

Should I buy likes, reposts and comments as well?

Yah, it is up to you. We advise you to buy likes, reposts and comments. Because a good mix of plays, followers, likes, reposts and comments but at a healthy looking rate will move you up quickly within the search engine.



Michael Mayer

First time here. I bought this 10k Plays plan last Friday and it was done in 2 days flat. Over 14k plays, 457 likes and 27 comments all in 2 days. Safe to say it actually works. Great job Boost Socials!!


Mina B. Sesco

This was well worth it and you will continue to see business from me! I am constantly releasing new tracks and as much as any artist would, I want the world to hear my music and Boost Socials has helped me with that more than anyone has before. Thank you so much!


Gary M. Stclair

I decided to try out Boost Socials’s SoundCloud service and was not disappointed. Fast and responsive support team and they delivered exactly as promised. I will definitely be ordering more for my clients


Ryan A. Holland

Excellent products and service. They provide exactly what they describe for their products. Delivered in exactly the time period indicated on the Boost Socials website.
Highly recommended. And I’m about to try their newest product.