SoundCloud is not a new name in the music industry, and for a long time I used it to listen to underground and undiscovered music. At one time SoundCloud was only known as a platform for musicians, but now SoundCloud has become a podcast hosting site as well. Therefore, it is a golden time for musicians everywhere to use Soundcloud to offer their music in the iTunes directory. In addition, SoundCloud offers everything you need to launch your own podcast channel in the iTunes directory!

The best part of this opportunity is that you don’t need to upgrade to the pro package until you have reached the generous 3-hour limit in the free plan. This is a perfect opportunity for bloggers who want to launch their own podcasts but don’t want to spend money on podcast hosting sites. 

Even if you are not technical, this guide will make it easier for you to publish your audio podcast in few easy steps. Continue reading

SoundCloud provides one the strongest infrastructures, if not the strongest, for communities of musicians and their listeners on the Internet. It’s a place where people share music they’ve made, listen to other people’s music, comment, make purchases, and collaborate. And the service keeps getting stronger.

But bigger isn’t a sure thing. From a user-interface standpoint, nothing in particular is wrong with Soundcloud, certainly not yet, though there is a low-level sense of feature creep. Much like the personal-organization tool Evernote, Soundcloud is a device-spanning and software-spanning service (computer, phone, browser, app, etc.) that defined itself early on by its simplicity, but that has over time become more complicated, more rich in tools.318742-2q1yki1448038930


Despite which, below are suggestions for six additional things that could make the great Soundcloud even greater. Heck, there’s a chance that one or more of the ideas below already exist and I just haven’t come upon them because the Soundcloud interface’s sublime cleanness masks its underlying complexities — that is, because I didn’t look closely enough. But I write this as a heavy Soundcloud user, and one who if anything wants to use Soundcloud even more Continue reading